Growing up I had issues they ran some tests Diagnosis Was that I would ball like Mike Cause I'm the best Dedication I'm motivated I hustle get a check Can't forget When I'm struggling In this life I been blessed Been a couple situations I was staring at death Took a look up two my right And then I looked to the left The devil creeping on my shoulder Trying to make me a mess Told that pussy get the fuck up outta here I ain't with that October thirty first He got the best of me I'll admit My life was over in minutes It bout to come to an ending I guess I wasn't pose to go cause Now you hearing this message But I done fucked a lot of shit up I can't act like I didn't I swear to god learned my lesson I'm trying to change up my presence An maybe join the election I'm trying to be the president Oh wait They don't let us felons get a vote or say Man it's hard to find a job or even get paid For real Real shit The whole system turn against you Like They gone drown you where you stand It don't fucking matter what you did As long as your record says felon The rest of yo life gone be a struggle Especially if you going through it already That's just putting the cherry on top No Cap though what don't kill you make you stronger on god You gotta stay down till you get up Can't ever take yo foot off the pedal man Pick yo head up Go an get it No excuses time to ball Free my brothers doing time in that system behind that wall Talked to reek the other day His appeal It ain't going well Only option they gave bru To come home was go fucking tell Man he told them fucking people Suck a dick an burn in hell Bro the last of a dying breed Straight to trial ain't no fucking plea Took that seventy five like a G Swear to god I'll do whatever bring you home that's on me My Attitude like I'm shady I'm chasing rings like I'm Brady I wanna drive a Mercedes My momma said ima make it I swear to god I gotta get it gotta take care the fam I gotta do it for the gang until they back on the land It's free the guys on god
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