It's alright mom I'm only bleeding nothing to fucking see it's Part of the process to give it some f-cking meaning What you speaking? Chill, it's the weekend Relax and have a good time don't be going off the deep end I am the deep end, deep in some green tea steeped in Some hot water sin sweet shit Vibing high off the sick life I'm living no longer driven To ride my fucking mind into a future vision That you thought of, yeah, I didn't think of it You think I would think of something so thoughtless you's an idiot Resistant to mind control when the spine unfolds A lot of folks anticipate the afterlife they're dying to know Oh, no sky dad for you so you laughing Yet I saw you running up to your big brother up cause you's a bastard The nightmare is never over It only changes the mind that it's taken over I don't give a fuck, well I do I guess I just give less a fuck, to you The art is subtle like the b in the word Or it's retarded and I'm being absurd You getting hung up on word like it's hangman Pissed away your power over sounds and that's a shame damn You had control but you lost it no worse you tossed it Swallowed by an emotional mosh pit You get one life and that's all So when you smell an asshole don't feel inclined to go into the bath stall Cause what to do if somebody's rude Your responsible for your emotions not some other dude Poor baby I know it makes you more crazy You can't see it's your decision just listen to what I'm saying I'm not playing I'm really being for real For real, for real, for real you got to chill
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