The big swinging dick is dropping Hit the floor get ignored man I'm sick of talking Shut your mouth, watch your back, you spinning off the track Talking all that poison it's annoying how you live with that Shh! It's rhetorical, there isn't any more to know You think you're special you're unimportant though Look at you all surprised Thought you were an awesome guy, but you bought into a bunch of awful lies What a god damn shame You lost your mind and went off the chain Now you're so fucking whack You could jerk off on a spine and ain't no coming back Bro, you still here? I thought I made it real clear The dose is too potent for you it's too pure You need to get a life Instead of trying to mimic all that shit you see online Instead of copying that shit on social media It doesn't really matter, I know you think it does You believe there's something to it so you try too hard to do it In the end you end up looking like a fucking doofus But I get it, one time I was being stupid Trying to keep an open mind while I listened to your music The cops showed up and I don't blame them for being dicks And charging me with 1st degree possession of a piece of shit
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