Going into battle with nothing more than a fucking thought Psycho logic got me manipulated to take a loss But that ain't happening, I'm coming back with massive shit Circumnavigating the system there ain't no trapping this At 36 I've calmed down But I'll damn if I let the plan hit the sand so don't fuck around Ain't no relaxing it's stick and move attacking shit You're so full of shit and don't even know the half of it Blut blut blouw Bomb dropping out of nowhere turned your life upside fucking down So what you gonna do? Let it get you off your cool Running to the pad feeling sad get a fucking clue It's warfare motherfucker Ain't nothing fair no one cares but your mother And even that chic don't really give a shit She just got to say she do so you don't cry like a little bitch Stand clear, the future is here Everybody busy planning motivated by fear But I ain't sitting up here waiting for the smoke to clear I'm gonna forge a fucking path no relaxing this year I got a life to live, mic to grip, what the fuck's the price of it Print me out the tab, grab the cash I'm a buy this shit That's the cost of the success You spend your day finding ways to fuck off and do less What a tragedy, you little bitches ain't no match for me I'm running fucking laps round the track bitch you can't compete Elite pro level shit While you sitting at home eating a bowl full of dicks God damn, you think you can compare I think you need to realize your fucking never coming near Cause I've been putting in the work while you've been looking like a derp Your shit is suck, give it up, I've had enough that's my fucking word
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