You know its that unlawful shit You it's that fucking unlawful shit You know everything illegal You we living illegal I got Hazeus with me CHASETHEMONEY We chasing money We chase it We chasing it You know that shit N.A.O shit No hoe shit Unlawful shit Unlawful It's going up like I pop me a wheelie The glock got some titties I jug through the city They not me they minnie Said Quelly do you got some swagg you can lend me Bitch I'm counting plenty bitch Spending it stacking spreading it Bitch it's so evident Money the root of evil I hit a lick then I feel devilish Smoking on relish Diamonds from Elliot This not Lil Boat a nigga be selling it Gun smoke I love to inhale the shit I put your main on a cross then I nail the bitch We dont dates and I don't do her nails and shit The drugs that I take I don't know how to spell the shit Lsd Dmt I feel it freeing me Wish on my down fall u need a geni She got them buns and she all on my weenie I want punany Future bright like some high beams Two twin glocks I call them bitch siamese Keep that broke shit behind me But I'm still stealing and jacking and robbing Wow, dweebs Best song ever You know the veebz dweeb Quelly & hazeus wow Bitch you know imma lsd fiend Double cup with the sprite and codeine Three AM and just popped a bean Chop in my jeans Don't intervene Quelly won't hessy Well shoot up the scene Quint tarintine Pull up with plenty arms Centipede Dicks & double ds Bullets like drew breeze Whole lotta debris I'm getting tired of kicking in doors These nigga better off letting us in My paper bread cheese and lettucing Like a sandwich How I stack percentages They must heard I was the best So they tryna catch up Nigga its no comparison That's so embarrassing Imma rare specimen Fill em' with lead Send em' right up to heaven is Real rockstar Came with that metal like Zeppelin My cock hard Fuck that bitch with adrenaline Hate cop cars put my foot where the pedel is Skrrrrrrrt
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