Highway 90 driving Due west, border line is Dead left just outside Of Amistad Langtry ain't seen more than Roy Bean holding court and the Light green and dust white Fords On the day watch You can drive 110 From Dryden to Sanderson And it doesn't really seem all that fast Hug the edge of the canyon Past the Longfellow Ranch 'Til the mesas give way To the long, gold grasses of Marathon With Buffalo Soldiers posted The railroad coast to coasted On tracks sewn by Chinese ghosts For pocket change When creosote on monsoon mornings Finds your nose you know a storm'll be Rolling over those old Del Norte's With a hard rain You can see your shadow at night Cast by nothing but starlight And count all five fingers right there on the ground Watch the moon rising out of The mouth of the Glass Mountains 'Til that big silver dollar Buys up all of the midnight in Marathon The arrowheads were Apache and Chiso The lightning brand ran from here to Boquillas This year the high school's got seven seniors In Marathon
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