There she is, my old friend, She comes back again each spring To be with me The time reveals my age But she always looks the very same to me The years come and go And the hard times, They show on my face But she shines like the moon And spreads her love around this place Ohh Ohh A walk through the garden, in the morning, Will always find her there And the magic of that moment, When the morning sun finds her face so fair And all at once, the worries of my heart come unlocked And fall away Without a word, she comforts me Always knowing what to say Ohh Ohh In the fall she lets me know By her weary smile, it's time for her to go She returns to her mother So that she can mend her body and her soul She bows her head, as if to say a prayer And then slowly fades away Whispers "I love you and you know That I'll come back to you someday" Ohh Ohh
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