Ain no need for the picking the pockets I got bands All my niggas carry drums dey play inna rock band Make a nigga give it up He shaking like roxxane Shawty wen i buss a nut Get out of my house Nd I could neva get enough The money ah make me stand She mad dat I ain't her man I give her couple bands Tell the bitch to keep it quiet Im boutta go fuck her friend Ain no limit to the bitches The money ah reel em in See I'm flexing w a knot I'm boutta go catch a pop Stacking bread for my brother Ain tryna be in that box Watch the draco make him back flip Ion pass shit If she want it she ca have it Cause she a bad bitch N ian fuckin w no average because im mad rich I like to see my money stacking so I could stash it Bad bitch She a freak im boutta go smash it Prolly pass it to my brother She trippin I'm flashing N ian neva give a fuck what a nigga gon ask me A pretty nigga w rocket They running like trackmeets N what the fuck he tryna say Nigga said that he whack me Fuckin la boy u betta pray Hopefully they ah whack me Cause if I catch a nigga lacking a face onna white tee I rather walk a thousand miles for a bitch that don't like me Hi-c Hi-Tec Prolly what I'm sippin She don't wanna be alone She tryna come get me I pull that money out my pocket She falling like Whitney Houston all white she tryna come snort Give me Me While I'm here she kno that I'm leaving Ion really give a fuck she tryna get freaky Let me smoke a couple woods Her head Touching feet Any many miny moe Them niggas ain pickin me
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