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Emily Carmen Bonanno
Emily Carmen Bonanno


Stay with me And you shall see that We will be Oh so happy Can't you see That this is the way it's Supposed to be With both of these rings I'll be a housewife Wouldn't that be nice Stay with me And then forever it will Always be Just you and me Can't you see How simple both of our Lives would be If you'd agree In the backyard There'd be a swing set Along the dining room There'd be a kitchenette Are You Happy Yet Any Regrets Are You Happy Yet Or are you Upset Stay with me And then maybe We will one day be Our own family Can't you see How me plus you and baby Would make three To our family tree You'll get a second job So we are not in debt I'll still stay at home Making sure The house is kept So Stay With Me Because too soon it will Only Be Just You or Me Now you see How someday it will just be You and me For Eternity
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