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Lilac Thief // When Insomnia, Do As The Somniacs Do [Official Lyric Video]
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Joshua Shane Julian
Joshua Shane Julian
Joseph Cheek
Joseph Cheek


Of sculptures, where cracks form where there were none before Of painstaking detail wrecked by pressure, where I focus on the flaws And I don't mean to stare, but it's all I see. Is that how I'm seen? Of midnight hours striking heart through pen to page Of exhaustion creeping in and to common sense laying waste And like the one that got away but who can't remember my name As an old friend who sits too far away on the train Rest avoids my gaze and passes me by again This isn't disaffection, I'm just finding my feet My best doesn't cut it but what do you expect from me? If I don't know who I am, how can I have someone I want to be? I rack my brain for answers, I panic, I lose sleep In 10 years' time, where will you be? How much will be left of the familiar scenery? In 10 days' time, where will you be? "Leave me alone," I say in my times of need "I can't do this on my own," is what I really mean "Let me do this on my own," is all you hear from me My temples throb, I'm still awake, it overwhelms me Whispers carried on an autumn breeze Like autumn leaves, the ones I love fall away from me I'm losing dreams, it all shifts to somewhere that I can't reach Wisterias wilted with wistful wishes underneath Tragic and I bleed Call me Op. 13 "Pathétique" I've got it on repeat to help me sleep With God as witness, I try my best to keep my weaknesses inside With God as witness, I try my best to keep my weaknesses inside But what use is a witness who won't testify? My ceiling fan pirouettes robotic at a constant speed Posters all around my room of people who inspire me They remind me more than ever how they all succeed And I'm still me At the time of writing, it's 4:16AM. Again In 10 days' time, this is where you'll find me again, again, ah Of knuckles brushing woodwork, splinters seeding in the skin Of all attempts to extract them exercises in pushing in And I don't mean to pick, but they don't belong I don't belong
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