Do you feel me in the night? Do you see me when you close your eyes? Do you miss me, in the day? When the sun is high and the temp's just right, do you? 'Cause I do, yeah I do, all I do is think of you Was it nothing, all that time? Did I simply keep you occupied? Was I stupid? Did you lie? How does one just simply change their mind Like you did, but you did, all you did was change your mind Did you mean it when you said That you knew someday I'd be something? That it was cosmic, ever true That you believed in me and I believed in you Like we did, 'cause we did, not a dream was dreamt too big I bathed in the spotlight of your eyes Grew six inches under your sky Even your shadow commanded a room I felt beautiful with you So when the ground began to divide, It tore us apart to opposite sides The color seeped out of my skin I was left right where I began But I'm falling in love again Feeling the light on my skin Ripples of blue morph into me Echoes of you fade out I'm free
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