I swear Aroma Temsite Aroma Temsite Aroma Temsite Aroma Temsite Ög'apu (Temsite) Ön'aga (Temsite) Ög'apu (Temsite) Ego one? Why? Okwanu k'ödi Iga e gbucha anyi? Economy (whoo) We no dey see white again M wan wan bucha gi Isim n'ö fifty k'iji M jiri nwanyo buje gi ebe isi K'imalukwa My guys dey red the hustle dikwanu na obala Ifunanya chalukwa Post to post to post I gats to achieve all my goals (i swear) The huste dikwa temporary one day e go show Dey for cell they bail me out (no shaking) Me and my guys dey chow (no shaking) Put for me I put for you is better than we Kala (Quarrel) Which one be bonding? Sisi carry your love dey go I sha hope you de bom my nigga Cus your body go hot (when we leave you go) Shebi Jesu dey F around, when he dey carry his cross my nigga? Shey you no wan comot for trenches, you never tire dey suffer I don forget where I keep my school result (Na fake paper) My sabificate na first class Maka why? (I dey make paper) I can never forget, all my niggas in the trenches wey been help Some of my guys de hawk for street but they still carry me for head (Hei)
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