What the fuck it do? Ballin on a budget coming up I need the dollars cause I only got a few People wanna holla I ain't really in the mood We should be in impalas cruising by a view Know I keep it real lil homie stay true I'm Jonny storm when I hop in the booth I feel like Pac cause bitch I got the juice Gone watch em flock when I'm dropping the tunes Bitch I'm on a wave of my own Said they tryna see me gotta pay for a show Hustle for the bread son ima make me the dough In my right mind I don't play with a hoe They can catch me in the cut I'm gone smoke Don't be outside na bitch I won't go Muthafuckers love to talk they be like the po po Better humble down yea that man a bozo Gas in the blunt i be out the ozone Remember I was down didn't have no phone Whole lotta pain in my heart I don't show Feeling like the wind bitch I might go ghost See me upper cutting on the game Running till my luck is gone dry still be pushing hoping something finna change I ain't fuckin witcha mane Song dump like a fuckin clip gone hit when I'm touching anything Feel a rush up in my veins I done made a lane for myself homeboy there ain't nothing they could say It's a must I get away Tryna get a goddamn crib in a bit put some numbers in the bank
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