All eyes is on me Won't tell no lies, won't hold my tongue Don't cry for me (This Chicago, nigga) I don't have no rapper friends, I hang wit' The Vultures Big-ass toaster, hit you with it, flip it over Big ol' nigga, he's a big ol' goofy, Rudy Gobert Jump off in that lane, you gon' get put on a poster LaFerrari F8, Lamborghini Roadster I turn ten bricks into 12, them birds had a growth spurt We gon' do some shoppin' later, I'ma need some throat first I just got some head in a ghost, then I ghost her Yeah, yeah, out of here, your boyfriend a gopher I see him out with her, I pretend like I don't know her I can't do no features with you, nigga, it's a no, sir Hardest nigga on Earth, I'm not really from Earth We don't dial 9-1-1, I let off that chrome first I put in my own work, better do your homework I can hear that money callin', I pick up the first ring What you gon' charge that old man for that pussy? Girl, don't hurt me Iced out all my scammer hoes, boost all they insurance up Iced out all my ghetto hoes who turned into influencers Smurkio, fuck that bitch and leave, I don't care who she fuck Air shit out her closet, it's hot as hell, she got on Yeezy Uggs I got moes with me, Bump out the feds, mean I got foes with me You got goofies with you, before I do that, I keep some hoes with me Askin' for my gun when I'm in Cali', nigga, this your city Why you DM'in' my bitch actin' like we fuck? These hoes below-semi Street niggas want ramen, I don't like calamari Took her out that cheap shit, took her to Bulgari Never tell her, "Sorry," this car a Ferrari Off set with this Cuban link, you think she was Cardi, go (this Chicago, nigga, go) Three gang leaders with me all times I don't know who I fucked last night, I got Alzheimer's I don't know who them hoes is, man, they all lyin' Brody, tell me who them hoes is, man, they all fine Runnin' hooligan, and we with the foolishness How I'm anti-Semitic? I just fucked a Jewish bitch I just fucked Scooter's bitch and we ran her like Olympics Got pregnant in the threesome, so whose baby is it? Whose baby is it? My niggas puttin' belt to ass, pull up with the switches This ain't Jimmy Butler, but the heat got extensions This ain't Columbine, but we came in with the trenches She askin' me to aim for her neck, 'cause her boyfriend bought that necklace With the trenches, precious, with the trenches Fuck it, I scratched another nigga woman up off my checklist With the trenches, I've been livin' reckless I wish Takeoff wasn't there that night in Houston, Texas (with the trenches) Wish I could bring G.Ca$$o back, that was my best friend Chordz, I need you to give me somethin' big, I'm talkin' 'bout dollar signs Skinny pants flow, tell the ho, "No, I don't wanna fuck" She can suck-suck-suck it 'til she suck it dry California nigga with some European freaks Bad-ass bitch from the Middle E-E-E-East wanna lick on me Stick on me, even though I got security Even though she got a man, she know he ain't as pure as me, seriously Soon as I get back, tradin' in my Urus for the Puro' keys Couple grey hairs up in my beard, that's showin' my maturity, yeah Ayy, shout-out to my symphony 9th Ave, spaced out, we did that shit so differently and brilliantly Dolla $ign, Iggy, and we birth YG Fades in the backyard, no talkin', take flight instantly Ayy, Nate 3D, boot up my nigga, James Koo My nigga, that's Drug$ She snortin' that P out the D She want me to put some of this coke in her butt, ugh She Russian, I beat up the pussy for Ukraine Bought her a bag and I filled it with loose change Just like my exes, she told me that, "You changed," yeah, yeah, yeah Dolla'd done rather be fuckin' it up Still screamin', "Free TC, Melly, and Thug" Fuck the police, the DA, and the judge Way out in Saudi, I found me a plug Don't wanna go out, she'd rather do drugs Can't be my main if we met in the club, ooh Give me somethin', bitch, I'm talkin' 'bout dollar signs Look it here, ho, I don't wanna fuck Here's a buck, but a buck, buck, buck I'm shootin', game to light that Give me somethin', bitch, I'm talkin' 'bout dollar signs Look it here, ho, I don't wanna fuck Here's a buck, but a buck, buck, buck I'm shootin', game to light that Game to light that Game to light that Game to light that Game to light that Game to light that
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