Ayy, ayy (Nigga) Fuck Fuck, fuck Form a lil' circle, start a lil' moshpit Real za' head, I'ma smoke up the za' quick I'm on that za', I was weak when I slumped in You ain't the leader of yo' gang, you got jumped in I know lil' twin gon' fuck, she got dumb friends Open the door to my trap, let all my partnas in Niggas tryna troll me online, but I'm standing out When I get real money, yeah, I'ma hand it out I ain't got no ammo, you know I'ma vanish out Push to the corner store, you know you be standing out (Nigga) Look at the screen, now the mirror when I'm backing out Lil' 'tape drop, I ring the opp pack-it-out How the fuck the trolls got the drop to my second house? I don't even look at my drip, I just black it out Brand new wit' lil' Lazer World, check the breaker now I ain't ya' bitch ass— Now ya' lil' bitch ass, you eager to post me Fine shit choosing, back then, used to ghost me I ain't need no show yet, my first show approach me Book for a show? Bitch, I'm pulling up toasted Nigga tryna post me, I'm bringing you motion I keep going viral, I'm increasin' the open Trap shot jumpin', the street gon' open Lil' twin say "Where the drank? Where the potion?" I done got hot, I don't take my lil' shirt off I just got spooked 'cause I heard a car skrrt off Nigga wanna talk, ain't shit for to talk 'bout Fuck first day, I ain't even take the ho to Top Golf They ain't know lil' twin, I'ma hide lil' twin Mini sto' posted wit' a fye and a scan
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