Well you better listen My sister's and brothers 'Cause if you do You can hear There are voices Still calling Across the years And they're all crying Across the ocean And they're cryin Across the land And they will till We all come To understand () None of us are free None of us are free None of us are free One of us are chained None of us are free And there are people Still in darkness And they just Can't see the light If you don't say it's wrong Then that says it right We got try to feel For each other Let our brother's know that We care Got to get the message Send it out loud and clear () It's a simple truth We all need Just to hear and to see None of us are free One of us is chained None of us are free Now I swear your salvation Isn't too hard too find None of us Can find it on our own We've got to join together In spirit, heart and mind So that every soul Who's suffering will know They're not alone () If you just Look around you Your gonna see what I say Cause the world Is getting smaller Each passing day Now it's time To start making changes And it's time for us All to realize That the truth Is shining real Bright right Before our eyes ()
Writer(s): Brenda Gordon Russell, Cynthia Weil, Barry Mann Lyrics powered by