Listen to You're Worth the Whole World by Hood

You're Worth the Whole World




Face a word bank and fill in the blanks It's/its blank city versus (verses? verse is?) The hearts you've ever drawn (dropped?) Reduce your own arm off for a drop the glass absorbs And you're pinned by the speeding dash line crash But the / their hearts are empty, you have no pain [paint?] and that's the point. It's blank city baby where the buildings get stepped on And all the red carpets they fade (fake? pay?) (And) now the barbers don't courtesy hairwash But the Devil will crop just your long hair And the Devil's cover band are mortal / cover band immortal And they're all [they rock?] for you My dimes are full I carry a sad dollar / sanddollar They play (pay? paid?) me six Decembers If you can cast my face for any paint that's left. I feel so Loved.
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