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Peter Mulvey
Peter Mulvey


On the way up - I felt clean Driving along in a waking dream The rollingest hills I'd ever seen Felt like the best me I'd ever be On the way up I just knew The night before I'd been good and true And honest and brave and over you It was the easiest thing to do But I'm going down I'm going down to where my demons are I'm going down I'm going down Wave if you see me from afarI'm going down On your way up On your way up, understandI'm going down I wish I'd put so much more in your hand The better pat of this heart's bitter land I swear there is more here than sand On your way up, think of me I'll think of you I guess that we'll think of we And you will always mean what you mean to me I hope one day we'll look back and see But I'm going down I'm going down to where my angels live I'm going down Please, remember; please, forgive
Writer(s): David Rivkin, Prince Rogers Nelson, Levi Seacer Jr, Elisa Fiorello Lyrics powered by