Steven's selling Marijuana Uptown to the prima donnas Medicate the counterculture 9-11 baby boom Paulie's waiting to retire Smoking like a forest fire Putting on the panties and the lipstick In his mother's room Nothing to do, nothing to lose And if you work your life away We'll send you flowers every day And you make your departure, Baby And get high Hanging with the local talent Drinking like you're Shane McGowan Going through your garbage Try to turn into gold Down on the dole, selling your soul And if you work your life away They'll get your picture in a frame And you make your departure, Baby When you die Bobbie joined the military Jenny went and lost her cherry Hanging at the commissary Wannna to see the Mona Lisa If they ever do release her I don't want to talk too soon There's nothing to lose Swimming in booze, selling your shoes Nothing to lose, nothing to lose, nothing to lose
Writer(s): Jesse Malin, Paul Garisto, Johnny Pisano Lyrics powered by