(K-Rino vs. Deep K-Rino) Let's Go Magnetic reversal makes earthly roads flip Out of control cold drifts across the whole planet once the poles shift The prophecy explorer as I read the Torah I release an aura from the core of my mind that sparks a floor that rests in Aurora (Well you can try this Columbian neck-tie on My ideas fly-on electrically charged metallic ions When it comes to stoppin' this you'll be optionless I left Ominous documents inscripted on top of his sarcophagus) Yeah but even on the coldest polar days I wear solar rays on the bottom of my feet like roller blades While in my fetal stage I wrote a page I can outrun heat from a loaded gauge and Methuselah like older age (I crack codes from intergalactic back roads Sliding from the head to the souls of the deepest black hold on the bat pole Tryin to learn what I write might burn Like a microwave type perm I split the perm discern the hyper life germs) I'm writing scriptures from within that send richers over ten With a pen that allows me to draw pictures of the win I got photographic visualization Instantaneous memorization of difficult chemical equations (When time existed at zero digits People would miss my acts of scientific pre-Neolithic geophysics They bomb my temple from a couple miles passed the hubble Came out of the stubble in a gaseous elastic bubble) Well I speak with unshakable certainty At birth my first words left the earth and landed on Mercury perfectly When I come I won't be seen exclusively I'll be in a group of three, the man you see the dude I used to be and a future me (In the winter I can make the summer come A common bond with M. Night Shyamalan, when it comes to paranormal mic phenomenon I'll collar you bite and swallow you So physiologically knowledgeable that I could probably not move and follow you) To escape you'll have to navigate through space for instance Eight solar systems away might be the safest distance I dance in heavenly mansions and visually calculate how many times in a hour a fan spins (I appear in a coat of cashmere I'm casting fear like when bats appear for half a year I practice crackin atmosphere If you offer me a glass of beer I'll shoot toxic gas in here that will last until the sun passes and the grass is clear) Why would you question my relevance? I'm wearing titanium helmets to prevail against warlock spells and the elements Move freely through the evolution of all species Before radio frequencies and TV's throughout history you could see me (My thought book exceeds the average trees I'll travel past the seas and master speeds that read faster than magic rabbits breathe Splittin you is not a tough decision When I drop makes a collision that'll give a Cyclops double vision) But as soon as he's placed in his tome I rewind from his doom to his eulogy inside of the funeral room To the moment right before his mortal flash was consumed Back to his final oxygen intake while facing the moon (Through previous decades his returns to the womb Nine months in reverse back to the reproductive vacuum Passing theologians by re-separating the sperm from the ovum making him return to the indulgence of your paternal hosting) It goes in the brain where I close in Put a needle in his lobe, extract your unborn soul and leave it frozen So much soul the whole earth is cold My words are so advanced in 20 million years from now unwritten verse is old (I read a scroll get agitated impede a roll And enclose your torso inside of a needle hole My rap pops like straps chop emcees from the waist to their legs drop, you'll have to hand hold ya laptop) I'm knowing 8 wraths from my spacecraft Then me and my great staff begin to sail the universe's most unsafe paths I take baths in radiation based drafts My mindstate has a compactly so fast that I could recreate in mass (Once a thought is born, nothing can harm it You don't understand the magnitude of torment that it took for me to form it I dare ya to deal each labyrinths characters kill Gotta Captain America shield that I wear in the field) I move at a rate so great the time wrap will fracture and break I show up at a place so early I'm actually late Or I can activate velocities no one can impede At such a rapid pace I usually get back before I leave (My cranial lab is made from titanium's slabs Flaming paragraph that travel intravenous paths Vocal 30-Watt, place me in the worst spot My words can split a rock in a church lot from 99 blocks on the first shot) Bomb (Yeah) You know what? (What?) You pretty good (You ain't so bad yourself) Maybe we should go just head on and... Stay as one (Both K-Rinos laugh) Or we can spread out (Spread out?) You take one side of the universe I take the other (I don't know) Nah... We ain't doin it like that
Writer(s): Nathan Jordison, James Root, Corey Taylor, Mickael Thomson, Michael Crahan, Paul Gray, Sid Wilson, Craig Jones, Chris Fehn Lyrics powered by