What You Call Love (Ballantyne/ K. MacDonald) I heard a story that I could not wait The morning came and I was through the gate And into the arms of some other's bride And I sure took you for a ride I did not wait a minute for the courtesy of a call I just left in such a hurry... that's all What you call love... is that what I was leaving What you call love... is that what I betrayed What you call love... funny what we cling to But I can not stay a prisoner of a life that never was What you call love When you embraced me you looked right on past Into the eyes of your first and last Into the eyes of who turned you down Who never saw you in a wedding gown The pain may feel relentless but in the long haul We've got to hope that time heals all You feel better hoisting the blame on me I'm just rejoicing finally getting free Our house was never any more than wrong What doesn't kill us makes us strong We all will carry crosses across some bleak terrain You and I we suffer just the same
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