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Boy I've been thinking bout you Late at night I dream about you I can't get that argument out of my mind that we had today The one when I went through your phone Found a number of another girl saying "are you at home" Now I'm thinking how could you do me so wrong Bout to grab my things, get up out of here But as soon as I leave, boy here you come Saying hold up, wait a minute, can we talk about it Let me explain, just 5 minutes, girl hear me out Somehow you end up talking me back in But I swear boy don't let that shit happen again Nobody's perfect, no not even me I know that it's worth it That's why I can't leave, that's why I can't leave Ooh boy I'm still down, still down with you You know I'm still down, still down with you I know we argue and fight But that's what couples do sometimes But I'm still down, I'm still down with you Still down Yeah I'm still down, yeah I'm still around If you need me I'll be on my way if you call my phone And say you need me But if you really did you wouldn't text her Wouldn't call her back Now I'm mad again Cause I sat back and thought about the facts You were wrong boy I cannot see myself walking away from you Cause boy I know that this love we share is so true Every excuse, boy I done heard it But boy I'm still here, I know it's still worth it I know it's still worth fighting for Everything that we built, everything that we have I'm fighting for, I'm fighting for our love
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