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[Verse 1:] She got that mocha-chino baby on the back of the bus If you close your eyes and listen she would be one of us Never did trust, her family at home So she kicked it in the hood, raised her self on her own She talk with that tone, but she white to the bone You would swear she was black if you spoke on the phone Some say its overgrown, but she don't give a damn All the black girls think that she want they man But it's not your fault that they attracted to you That you blessed and got as much back as you do Most white boys say that you're way too thick And some brothers might say, you're the number one pick You say [psh], girl... Roll your eyes twist your neck But it comes from the soul you don't mean no disrespect And even when they check you, you just keep it movin' Cuz in your heart you feel you ain't got nothing to be provin' [Chorus x2:] Whether chocolate or vanilla, or you're somewhere in between A cappuccino mocha or a caramel queen Rejected by the black, not accepted by the white world And this is dedicated to them dark skinned white girls [Verse 2:] Now she like The Smiths, The Cure, really into Morrisey Heavy on the rock never fooled with the Jodeci You would notice she was never really welcomed by the others Hard to find a date when there was only ten brothers In the whole damn school, and they thought she was weird Cuz she wore her hair different, and she never joined cheer A melancholy dolly with a Polly want-a syndrome White step-father black daddy never been home And when on the quad she could hear em' say Look at how she walks, why she talk that way But girl it's okay, your black is beautiful No matter how you dress, or no matter what music you like Forget what they say, you're doin' it right No more grabbin' on your pillow as you cry through the night Stand strong, hold your ground at any cost And know that everyone who tries to put you down is lost [Chorus x2] [Verse 3:] Now for you half-and-half and mixed girls, I know what the battle be Every time you go out, it's what's your nationality Everybody always wanna dig up in your background You don't look _, now how does that sound I couldn't tell you or...(tell you or...) Oh, is that right Do you take it as a compliment or start up a fight Venezuelan and Indian, Rican and Dominican Japanese or Portuguese, quarter a Brazilian and. White and Korean, Black and Pinay I could find out later it don't matter you're fly It really don't make a difference to most of us guys We just need an excuse to get close and say hi I know they call you stuck up, you think you're too pretty Spreadin' rumors about you, all throughout the city So much attention, so many haters But don't be bitter, you'll be better for it later and... [Chorus x2]
Writer(s): Nicholas Carter, Patrick Denard Douthit Lyrics powered by