Ayo I Keep a Anna Nicole packin' the bowl Can stay a couple hours then I'm back in cold I still can't believe the fact they let me back on parole I should own a couple houses of the Smack that I sold 150rikki in a black n gold I'm ratchet n gross These white girls always blackin' out with rack in their nose Lil Becky bout to Rex flight this pack up the coast Thought I Brainumb then but now I act like a ghost Most these rappers are dummies lad I could actually expose em (stupppid) Like I ain't GPS trackin that Cali packs through the post Like I been the best rapper lad it's a fact ima goat (true) Gelato in this billy eating crab on a boat You know we Comfy sippin' vino Sleep in Valentino Blackout wearing Off-White Lean in my Pellegrino I dropped a CD bought a P and I ain't been home Suites in the casino till I'm eets with all P.O's Fuck em Imma do what I like I woke up this morning thinking how to ruin my life (I did) Fuck em Imma do what I like I woke up this morning thinking how to ruin my Brittany Murphy talking dirty through a Ouija board Off a 30 if you sturdy you can see me for it I'm a rapper but this stack ain't from the cd's bought I went sleeping from on seedy floors To screeching Mercedes doors (skrrrt) Import it cross the border send a Didi for for it I started off a quarter now it read Dior (brick) I still remember days we couldn't eat all I'm Fiji water now and my wrist drip like graffiti walls Bro I'm just tryna get this ball to bounce They saving for Gucci I been tryna get a mortgage out Big Mic Dundee if they try to war it out I'm different with it I take this porterhouse to your daughter house (Fuck em Imma do what I like, woke up and imma ruin my life) Thinking Thinking Thinking Thinking (how to) Thinking Thinking Thinking Thinking (how to) Thinking Thinking Thinking Thinking (how to) Thinking Thinking Thinking Thinking Thinking (how to ruin my life) These cunts don't know about the shit that I seen They ain't never come home had to soak the dipper in bleach Dumped a hotty in a ditch I go all in for my team Most these rappers fronting guarantee they bitch it and leave Love to all my brother sending lovers sitting in greens I'm sick of this scene half these cunts are bitches or fiends Love me when my numbers low but now I'm getting these streams They hating on me (probably because they wish they was me) I wish I could change lad I'm still eating bricks when I sleep Make a call snap a sim then I rinse and repeat Same trap, four days then I switch with my G Risk my freedom to eat that's just how it is to be me I been stressing over bundles I can't fit in my jeans Or stuck in the system wondering when my mrs will leave If I die today I don't know how my kids gonna eat These demons make it such a mission to sleep I'm just a fuck up I don't know how these people listen to me I grind my way to the top then it's back to prison and breach I could've something more than just a fish in the sea So why the fuck am I back out doing these stick ups in crepes It's a disease, made this way but I wish I was free Stuck in this trap I could write these raps til my fingers would bleed It ain't changing the fact that being a crim's in my genes I couldn't care when they're telling me I'm a king in the scene
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