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Zachary Michael Rotz
Zachary Michael Rotz


Straight up from the bottom got me jumping out the pits Bitch I had to get it ever since I was a jit Never been the one to try to please ya whole clique They know the boy dope it's like they fucking nose itch Don't fuck with these rappers homie that ain't no diss Give a damn about chain I don't need a gold wrist Be ready to go it's heavy I be up with both fists Middle fingers to the world and everyone on hoe shit Ain't no back and forth leave your pride at the door Gone try to get up to this level but they run short Lotta greedy fucks son you just really want more Bout to see a couple bodies hit the muthafuckin floor Locked inside the dark like a cave man Done glowed up since a youngin but I'm the same man Back in 2016 this was the game plan Too consistent bitch I never take a break damn Ima set the world on fire when I drop Don't compare me to nobody bitch I got it on lock This a fuckin bomb that headed straight to ya top Got me on my toes homie I should stay with the Glock, homie do not approach Breaking and rolling then smoking to a roach I'm in the studio still going with the flows Know that I got the flame it's like I'm posted with the pole I gotta take a couple steps been getting closer to the goal but they just wanna see me fold I keep up with the pace Be wiping off the dust from all the dirt thrown on my name They tryna bring down the vibe said get the fuck out of my face Swerving in my own lane there ain't nobody to replace Catch me out the mix I'm tryna make the next move Really be about my shit I ain't the one to step to Chaos it's corrupt I'm rising out the cesspool Take cover make room it's a fuckin refuge
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