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Zachary Michael Rotz
Zachary Michael Rotz


Son im out here grinding i be working up a sweat You could catch me in the cut a couple blunts up on the desk I'm in the studio and rolling ima smoke ya ass to death It's just me, and the ones that was here back when They ain't show no love they wanna see me at the end This rap shit my 9 to 5, but it's half passed ten Bitch I'm putting over time it got me feeling like a vet While they talk behind my back but never speak to me direct I'm in high demand gone keep things moving with the plan I'm tryna give my mom a couple goddamn bands Member I was in a jam and now I got a few fans Taking over son I need the whole world in my hands Ain't no turning down I'm turning up we getting loud Repping for my city whole goddamn town Lil bitch I'm on my own that's what the fuck that I'm about In the crib it going down, smoking out the whole pound
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